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  • Project title: THE TRAMP’S NEW WORLD

  • Type/Contract: SAG-AFTRA ULB Agreement (pending)

  • Rehearsal & Shoot rate: $300 per day

  • Usage: Film festivals, museums (a la MoMA) and cinemas (a la Metrograph)


THE TRAMP’S NEW WORLD is the cinematic equivalent to a one-man play, and focuses on the treatment James Agee created for Charlie Chaplin. As this intimate portrait unfolds, we see Agee in the process of writing and through the force of his imagination, bringing The Tramp’s New World to life. In terms of spirit, this film is similar to Abel Ferrara’s film Pasolini.

Seeking in Arizona

[BEATRIZ VALDES]. Latin female in her 40’s. Open to a Mexican or Central American woman for this role. Must be bilingual in Spanish and English. In the post-apocalyptic world set up in The Tramp’s New World, we meet Beatriz Maria Valdes, an attractive factory worker worn down by long hours of work. As she’s interviewed, she discloses her frightening journey to the U.S. and her unexpected meeting with the funny ‘Carlitos’ (i.e. Charlie Chaplin) from 20 years before. Reminiscing on her younger self, we can feel her longing to relive a better moment in time. SUPPORTING.

Shoot date / location: October 5th or 6th, 2019 in Phoenix, Arizona. Needed for one (1) rehearsal/ wardrobe fitting day and one (1) shoot day. Must be an ARIZONA local hire.

Seeking in New York & Arizona

[JAMES AGEE]. 35-45 years old. Caucasian male. Brown hair (no blondes) and light-colored eyes (preferable but not required). Agee was an untidy man with a mountaineer’s body (tall, long boned but not massive). A MAN’S MAN and attractive in a bad boy kind of way. Vivacious, thoughtful and charismatic, Agee charmed everyone with his discernible Southern accent and manners. His slablike hands were very expressive when he spoke. Born in a cultivated and upper-middle class home, Agee and his father went to the cinema to see Charlie Chaplin’s films. He later became a novelist, journalist, poet, screenwriter and film critic. A sensitive and spiritual writer, he brought film criticism to a new level of intellect that changed the public’s view of what film could be. He relied on liquor and Benzedrine to carry him through life, at times experiencing dark knights of the soul. When asked to write Time’s cover-story reaction to the bombing of Hiroshima, Agee became obsessed with the fate of mankind in the new world of atomic threat and channeled his worst fears into the screenplay The Tramp’s New World. A reflection of Agee’s poetic imagination and deep appreciation for Chaplin, Agee also wrote about his efforts to interest Chaplin in his film ideas and how following these attempts, Chaplin became a dear friend and profound influence in both his life and art. LEAD.

Shoot dates location: The week of September 9th or 16th, 2019 in NYC. Talent needed for one (1) rehearsal/ wardrobe fitting day, up to seven (7) shoot days, and one (1) ADR day. NY local hire preferred. If talent cast is not a NY local hire, production will provide travel & accommodations.


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JAMES AGEE: Week of September 9th or 16th, 2019 in NYC. BEATRIZ VALDES: October 5 or 6th, 2019 in Phoenix, Arizona.