Breaking into Casting: The Handbook for the Aspiring Casting Director


Think casting could be the right profession for you? How creative vs. administrative is a Casting Director's job? This class provides a blueprint of how a casting office operates, and the innate qualities vs. acquired skills required to go up the casting ladder.

Topics Covered

  • How to start & the importance of working up the ladder

  • The difference between a Casting Director, Casting Associate, and Casting Assistant

  • The three hats a Casting Director wears

  • Lists, and more lists: the clerical side of casting

Benefits to think About

  • Learn if this is the right profession for you

  • Which direction is right for you: Film/TV, Theater, or Commercials

  • Learn how the craft of casting can support other creative endeavors

Interested in Scheduling A 30-min talk or Class?

For rates and availability, feel free to email us through the CONTACT page. For each event, a percentage of our profits are donated to charity. 


The intent of all classes Jennifer Ajemian Casting participates in, is solely educational. Enrollment and attendance are not to be construed as a job interview. The presence of a casting professional is neither a guarantee nor promise of employment to casting staff candidates.