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Seeking 18-35 year old PROFESSIONALS with an entrepreneurial spirit (Open to all professions & interests).

Seeking 21-35 year olds who have jobs that are off the beaten path job (appeals to kids).

(Open to all professions, especially those where professionals work with their hands).


HOW TO SUBMIT! (super easy!)

Send your self-tape (must be downloadable via Google drive or Vimeo) to (email address) . All info & videos will be kept confidential.

Include in your Email submission - Adults (and Kids)

  • Full name, phone number, where you are located

  • How did you hear about the casting?

  • Confirm you are not in the Screen Actors Guild

  • What are your passions and interest?

  • Have a website? Please include link. (also include any social media - instagram etc.)

  • Yes available for Skype or in-person callback (NYC) btwn 7/20-25 Or NOT avail

  • Yes available for a 1 or 2-day shoot between 7/28 - 7/30 and 8/7 - 8/9 - Or NOT avail


Self-tape VIDEO Adult Questions SUBMISSION - (no more than 4 minutes!)

  • Full name and where you live.

  • Which of your passions did you build a business around?

    • If you don’t own a business, what do you love about where you work?

  • Describe the product or service you sell

  • What is your job and what would be the best part of a kid shadowing you at work?

  • What has been your business’ biggest obstacle & how did you overcome it?

  • Willing to film in your office/home? (this NOT necessary, just a possibility)


Self-tape VIDEO Kid Questions SUBMISSION - (no more than 4 minutes!)

  • Full name and Where do you live? Age (if minor)

  • What are your passions or interests?

  • Which type of job do you think might interest you and why?

  • Have your parents suggested certain jobs you can do, but don’t reflect who you are? If so, which ones?


Have any questions? Contact us at Website:

Please note: All casting submissions become the property of Jennifer Ajemian Casting LLC. This notice is for a casting search and is not a contest.

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