Currently casting

The Catch, directed by Matthew Balzer and produced by Simon Taufique & Kierke Panisnick

Stormchaser, directed by Gretl Claggett (HAPPY HOUR, narrated by Julianne Moore) and produced by Simon Taufique


Recent projects

Dick's Sporting Goods commercial, directed by Derek Cianfrance, produced by Radical Media

Seagram's commercial, directed by Nic Weinfeld, produced by Vayner Media

Big Exit, directed by Stephen Harris and produced by Marzy Hart & Stacey Maltin

Eleanor of Illinois, directed by fine artist and curator Danielle Durchslag

Voiceover campaign for Emblem Health, produced by Visionarists

Dryer, written and directed by award-winning director Connor Hurley

Matrimony, produced by Bread and Salt

Ben Feuer & Stephanie Sellars' Lust Life, the first film about the polyamory world

Can You See Me? produced by A21

Tom & The Domme, written and directed by Keith Marlin

National commercial for Boss Revolution, directed by Tim Carter and produced by Visionarists

Jackson Segar's Kimchi, produced by Rachael Fung (Little Woods)

In the Vice, the narrative debut of documentary filmmaker Stavroula Toska (Beneath the Olive Tree, "Livin' The Dream")