Business professionals

Private & Group Coaching

With her extensive background in casting professional actors and non-actors for productions of all mediums, Jennifer applies the same skill set to her work with business professionals. Whether you are looking to build or refine your presentational skills, Jennifer will provide unique insight on your quick pitch or large scaled presentation. No matter what size your client proposal is, you’ll achieve your most natural performance.

Topics covered

  • Where your confidence & leadership skills stand

  • Turning perceived weaknesses into strengths

  • The message you want your potential client to walk away with

  • Is your proposal's message consistent with your brand?

Benefits to think about

  • How to keep your potential client engaged and focused

  • Gain awareness of how you vocally & physically communicate with your audience

  • Learn how to establish a strong connection with your audience

  • Learn how to present to both individuals & groups

Interested in scheduling a Coaching session? 

Before booking Jennifer here, please call 212-837-2343 for password. For each session taught, a percentage of our profits are donated to charity. 


The intent of all educational offerings Jennifer Ajemian Casting participates in, is solely educational. Enrollment and attendance are not to be construed as a job interview. The presence of a casting professional is not an expectation of employment from third parties.