Speaking Engagements

Jennifer loves speaking with Acting Majors who are looking for insight into not only what it takes to build (and maintain) an acting career, but what you can expect from the working relationship between Casting Director and Actor. Speaking engagements are thirty minutes, followed by a fifteen-minute Q&A. 

Private Coaching

One-on-One: Do you want to take your audition skills to the next level, or need help preparing for a theatrical or on-camera callback? Schedule a sixty-minute private coaching session and Jennifer will help you further explore your character in the context of the audition scene. 

Groups: Understanding the choices your fellow actors make in approaching a scene, is just as important as developing your own. This two-hour session provides both individual attention and the opportunity for a group of five actors, to gain awareness of how their peers interpret the same scene. Through constructive feedback, actors learn different ways to give breath to a character's physical & emotional behavior. 


I. Becoming a Marketing Shark: 

Actors gain an inside perspective of how the business works and the creative tools that will get others to know who they are. 


  • The power of the headshot & making sure your tools look like you

  • Social Media: Branding & the benefits of self-promotion


  1. The Players: Knowing whom the right agents, managers and casting directors to pinpoint

  2. Being Resourceful: Understanding your “toolbox” now and how to have longevity in the business, getting in the door, and staying!


  1. Know yourself: transitioning with grace & finding material right for you

  2. Finding the right resources & how to network

  3. Now Attack!

II. The Actor’s Matrix Trilogy: How to be an Epic actor

This class focuses on marketing, preparation, and execution. 

1. Marketing with a POW!

Students will learn how to become... a Marketing Shark, by getting an inside perspective of how the business really works and the creative tools that will get people to know who you are.

  • Headshots and why you need to make sure your pictures look like you!

  • Social Media

  • Now attack!

2. The Monologue Workout

  • Knowing what you can play and knowing which monologue is right for you

  • Students prepare either a theatrical or film monologue (no more than 2 minutes). Each student will have 10 minutes to work directly with Jennifer and get constructive feedback.

3. The Callback

  • What happens at a callback, how to prepare, & what the creative team is thinking in the room

  • Students will individually perform their monologue for the creative team

III. The Actor’s Parent Workshop 

This is ninety-minute class is the perfect opportunity for parents to understand the ins and outs of the entertainment industry. More often than not, parents do not have a clear understanding of what their kids are up against in the acting world. This class offers insight into the business of acting from professionals about some of the questions and misconceptions about the entertainment industry. 

  • Who Are The Players & What Do They Do? Casting Directors, Agents, and Managers

  • Headshots - Why We Call It The Calling Card For Actors

  • Auditions vs. Callbacks and What To Expect

  • Brief Overview of Each Union: SAG, AEA, & AFTRA and what all of these crazy initials mean

  • Knowing State Labor Information and An Intro to Coogan Accounts

  • Acting Classes & Coaches

  • Post-College Prep: Why Start...Yesterday for Planning Life After School

  • Moral Support: Why Acting Is A Job, Not A Hobby

Interested In Scheduling a Talk, Coaching Session or Class? 

Before booking Jennifer here, please call 212-837-2343 for password. For each event, a percentage of our profits are donated to charity. 


The intent of all educational offerings Jennifer Ajemian Casting participates in, is solely educational. Enrollment and attendance are not to be construed as an audition. The presence of a casting professional is neither a guarantee nor promise of employment to actors.