CASTING’S Impact: What the Next Generation of Creatives needs to know


Thinking of hiring a Casting Director? What does their process entail and what can be expected? This class provides a blueprint of how Casting Directors approach attaching leads to casting one-liners, and the information they need to do so. This offering is beneficial to Film/TV Majors prepping their Senior thesis, or Graduates developing their first feature film. 

Topics Covered

  • Where a Casting Director's job begins & ends

  • Who we communicate with and why

  • What needs to be in place before we can start

  • Locking in Leads vs. Supporting vs. Dayplayers

  • The benefits of utilizing your first feature as a calling card for the second

Benefits To Think About

  • An A-Z breakdown of the collaborative process

  • Learn how a Casting Director's instinct improves a story

  • Learn the language of a Casting Director

  • Setting the right expectations for your project

Interested in Scheduling A 30-min talk, or Class?

For rates and availability, feel free to email us through the CONTACT page. For each event, a percentage of our profits are donated to charity. 


The intent of all classes Jennifer Ajemian Casting participates in, is solely educational. Enrollment and attendance are not to be construed as a job interview. The presence of a casting professional is not an expectation of employment from filmmakers.